Give a Damn

Give a Damn

Creative Direction

Frontier Co-op set out to create a campaign that would drive brand preference with their target audience. With an increase in cheaper generic spices appearing on shelf they needed a strong message that differentiated them from their competitors.


The result was the ‘Give a Damn’ campaign. The creative was edgy and vibrant, and the message made it clear that our spices not only tasted good but were good for people and the planet. We focused on our target market’s desire to choose brands that share their values and educate consumers that spices have a worldwide impact.


This approach opens eyes to the impact spice-growing can have on people and planet. We stay focused on the world, not the kitchen.

The people we appeal to most already want to do the right thing. We make sure they know “the right thing” includes cooking with spices from Frontier Co-op.

This concept tagline is isn’t just a call to action – it’s a wake-up call to activism. It says, if you buy “generic” or from the “big company,” then you don’t give a damn about people and planet.


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