Jun 24
11 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

11 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Every business can benefit from content marketing. In fact, one could argue that almost all marketing and advertising includes content marketing. After all, everything is content – from your website information to the email messages you send, to articles you post on your blog or videos you make.  But, are... read more →
Jan 15

My Top 5 Books of 2020

2020 has been a wild ride – full of ups and downs, twists and turns. The year certainly brought it’s share of uncertainty, but all the unpredictability also forced clarity and rebirth. Each year I round up the top 5 books that were most influential to me through the year.... read more →
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Feb 01

My Top Five Books of 2017

Each year I round up my favorite books from the past year. This year’s list includes time-tested classics as well as new releases on leadership and wealth. 1) How to Win Friends & Influence People Originally published in 1936, and with 30 million copies sold, this book remains highly popular... read more →
Sep 27

Complete Guide to Creating Buyer Personas

What Are Buyer Personas? Personas are archetype clusters of people who exhibit similar attitudes and behavioral patterns. These patterns can include purchasing decisions, comfort with technology, customer service preferences, lifestyle, motivations, or any number of patterns. Personas can include demographic information, but that is not usually a determining factor. Why... read more →
May 24

The Inevitable Resurrection of the QR Code

We all remember those black and white QR codes, that gained popularity about 7 years ago. They gained popularity among brands and marketers due to their ability to store a variety of information including URLs and contact information. And we certainly remember their terrible implementation. Luckily, they disappeared as quickly... read more →