Plant Boss Website

Plant Boss Website

Web Design

Plant Boss, a new meatless protein brand from Frontier Co-op, needed a website to announce itself to the world in a way that captured its bold personality. The goal was to create an online presence that showcased the brand’s easy-to-prepare, protein-packed, plant-based meal starters while conveying its core values of caring for people, plants, and the planet.


We developed a vibrant and engaging website that reflects Plant Boss’s unique identity. The site features bold visuals and playful typography, creating a lively and inviting atmosphere. Easy-to-use menus and clear calls-to-action guide users through the site. Step-by-step guides and bold, mouth-watering images highlight the ease of preparing Plant Boss products.

David Karpick
Vice President of Marketing

Mariah Andrews
Sr. Director of Marketing Engagement

Dawn Prudence
Creative Director

Jordan McNamara
Web Design & User Experience