Nov 17
Nov 15
Nov 11
Custom Domain Email

Are You Using a Custom Email Domain?

When you were first starting out the got the job done, as it was quick and free. However, now that you revenue coming in it’s time to upgrade to a legitimate  and more professional email address. While going from to might seem like a small detail it... read more →
Aug 04
Jul 21
Google Analtyics UTM

Are you using UTM parameters?

Urchin Tracking Module, or UTM for short, is a parameter marketers can add to the end of an URL. The parameter sends data back to Google Analytics once a link is clicked. Google has built in functionality to track referral channels but it can be challenging to tell which source... read more →
Jun 16
Marketers are Secretly Scientists

Marketers are Secretly Scientists

It’s time you start running your marketing like a fifth grade science experiment. While you probably have some fancy degree from a wonderful liberal arts college, all you really need to be a good marketer is a basic understanding of how to run a science experiment. While in traditional advertising... read more →
Jun 09
Jun 07

A Handy Guide on Forming an LLC in Iowa

Forming an Limited Liability Company in Iowa is a relatively simple process and it that can help provide legal separation between you and your company. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, this is just one entrepreneur's journey on forming an Limited Liability Company in Iowa. Disclaimer 2: Lawyers are nice... read more →
May 17

Start Using These Growth Hacking Tactics Today

Growth hacking is a type of marketing usually found in startups that focuses on growing customer acquisition, retention, and monetization quickly. Due to limited funds growth hackers uses low-cost, unconventional, and guerrilla marketing to scale their startups quickly. This is achieved through rapid experimentation and testing. Here are a few... read more →
Apr 26